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Love is like liquor, it gets stronger as it ages

Today, it marks twenty five years of the wedding of our parents, Mr. Jiten Mashar and Mrs. Chaula Mashar, who made vows to each other to be there for each other in sickness and health, in richness and poverty, in happiness and sorrow, in darkness and light. We are exceptionally grateful to have witnessed their journey and their committment to each other and their fulfillment of these vows.

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Beautiful Experiences

Life is somewhere between the struggles and the fun, the dark nights and shining afternoons, the setbacks and the comebacks, and from the age of 25 to the 25th wedding anniversary.

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The above carousel contains four essential must-view items, an anniversary video for our parents, their journey as a couple as well as their journey as parents. We put a lot of love into these efforts, and we hope you like them as well. Click on each of them to view them and dive in to experience their journey and celebrate it with us as you watch each of these four items.


25 years together


Memories created and cherished are the only treasure we can take with us in the afterlife. The most beautiful parts of our life are the ones worth remembering and the ones which are remembered were the ones that make our lives worth living. 

Some words from our beloved ancestors- our mother's parents and some from our parents

When you see the other as equal and precious as you are to yourself, when you follow them even in the dark woods and when you protect them, nourish them and care for them no matter what, only then the marriage is successful, only then the marriage is worth it and only then the marrriage is marriage.

Late Dr. Shobhnaben Pandya and Late Mahindra Pandya

What matters is not how perfect is someone for you, what matters is you make sure that you are helping them perfecting themselves in the way they see themselves as perfect-however they are already and always perfect to you- And that is Love.

Jiten Mashar

The best of us are the ones who stick together no matter what and rise above to where they deserve to be and support one another in crisis.

Chaula Mashar

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We really appreciate you sparing some of your valuable time to view our website and celebrate twenty-five years of the successful marriage of our dear parents.  It means a lot to all of us and we are sincerely honored to have you as a part of the family, you viewing this page gives meaning and purpose to this website, we would like to offer the only thing we can, our most sincere and humble gratitude.

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