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Parenting twins

Parenting is like surgery, it takes extreme caution and courage to believe in yourself to save a life or make one better with all the tools you have at your disposal and someone's life depending on what will you do with those tools. It is riskier than anything one can fathom. Our parents had the two of us, twins! That means double the risk, double the caution, double the resources and double the difficulty. It takes a lot of courage to raise two kids the way you think they deserve as well as a lot of sacrifice to make sure they live the life you never got a chance to live. We would perhaps never understand it until we have children of our own, how our parents held us in their hands while there was fire under their feet, how our parents nourished and loved us with all of their hearts, how even if we thought we did not get something in particular, they gave us EVERYTHING they could and they had. They made sure we would not have to do anything that they did on their own, on our own and most importantly, they are the reason we are living the life in the way we are living, take a moment to close your eyes and remember all those moments when your parents did something for you after you asked and they said no. It hurt them so much to say no but it hurt them more to see you being sad. It is more important to them that they don't disappoint you than it is to them that you don't disappoint them. They always forgive you, failing a class, dating the wrong person, experiminting with their cosmetics in the bathroom, when you embarass them accidentally in front of the relatives by saying a swear word without knowing what it means; and the most beautiful part of the story is that no matter how many stupid embarassing mistakes you will ever make, they will always always always love you and see you the same way. They will share your first beer with you, they will guide you in your love life, they will always help you with your homework, they will give you their hard earned money to buy something useless and expensive, they will teach you how to drive and they will buy stocks and mutual funds for you for the day you are on your own. There is nothing that we can ever do to make up for everything you have done for us! from first day of school till the day of Parva's graduation and still sponsoring Parshad's education. We both love you very much and are exceptionally lucky and blessed to be born as your children. We would never have it any other way. Thank you, for everything.

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