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Journey of two strangers, beginning to beyond the skies

Married to each other on June 15th, 1997, it has been a drive on a cliff with a slim unconstructed road and a lot of rocks hitting the carriage wheels to trip it. The couple has seen a lot of dark days and days where people did them wrong, there also have been days with financial constraints and yet, they have balanced their carriage and made it through, when they lost everything from their family to their house till they made their empire together and rose above the skies together. A successful marriage includes three people, husband, wife, and God. They made sure that God is equally included in the marriage and everything that they have ever done for each other has been meant to lead them individually to spiritual growth and connect better with their divine. Two different people, two different mentalities, two different upbringings, yet one common purpose, one common faith, one common vision, and one common love. When my father married my mother, he was quitting his job and started his business. He was surviving financially. My mother believed in the man he was going to become and decided to support him and married him. She finished her CA degree after marriage. My father loved her very much and he always made sure she has a pedestal in the family and she matters as much as she mattered in the family she grew up in. When the chips were down, they supported each other, when they suffered trouble in business, they partnered with each other and rose it back up. They raised twins, got the life they wanted, were the first in the family to go from Middle Class to Millionaires, from a young couple figuring out their lives to mentors who help others figure out theirs, from working hard to support each other to supporting other families and help them grow and much much more! They bought the first car for the family, the second and the third, and the fourth- They went from underdogs saving money and making their place in the world to marking their territory in the world, traveling the world, and helping us make our world as well, they sent us to study in the United States, and sponsored not only our education but our apartment, our car, and still help out when rent and tuitions are due. Such a journey takes patience, compassion, commitment, love above all, intent, effort, and supporting one another.  Not just even when the currents are against you, especially when the currents are against you.

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